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B2B Marketing Insights

Cutting-edge B2B marketing insights informing marketers of the most effective ways to target their audience.

Research: Digging deeper into the engineering mind - Marketing To Engineers: UK, Germany & Italy


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New Marketing Research Unlocks the Engineering Mind

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  • New independent EMEA marketing research
  • 1500 engineers surveyed across Germany, Italy and UK
  • Explores B2B content marketing and the use of it for engineers

Global digital communications agency, Technical Associates Group (TAG) has made available new independent research that reveals how engineers find, use and engage with content. Entitled Digging deeper into the Engineering Mind, the research is based on a survey of 1500 carefully selected engineers across Germany, Italy and the UK.

The EMEA research explores some of the B2B marketing industry’s most burning questions – where do engineers go to source information on the latest industry trends, do they use ad blockers or don’t they, how do they feel about programmatic ads or how do they prefer their content to be structured? The research, conducted throughout last year, aims to inform B2B marketers of the different media platforms and techniques they can use in order to engage with and provide engineers with the information they want and need.

“While research exists in the broad B2B markets about content marketing and the use of content, we felt there was a gap in the engineering sector,” said Sylvia Laws, Managing Director of TAG.  “To give us the information we need, since it is currently not available from an independent source, we made the decision to do a survey and ask engineers across EMEA, a series of questions about their professional preferences. As 70% of the B2B buying process is now complete before a buyer contacts a vendor or sales person, we wanted this research to inform B2B marketers of the most effective ways to target this highly technical audience.” 

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    The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.

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    The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.


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