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What's covered in a PR retainer?

Using the retainer model can often be the most efficient way of maximising your investment. A retainer will cover the core work which is required such as consultancy, strategic counsel, executive and administration time and press clippings as well as all additional ad hoc expenses (postage, telecoms, stationery etc.)

How is the adminstration handled?

PR creates a great deal of administration as individual tasks have to be documented from origination through to publication. At Technical Publicity we have extensive experience in running PR accounts, both large and small, and use a status report system that breaks the current actions down into easily understandable and traceable sections.

My subject is technical, will you understand it?

Interpreting technical data is one of the unique core skill sets that we are proud to have in-house. Many of our team members are mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers with PR experience and are highly skilled at transforming technical information into inspiring, pertinent copy that will resonate with your customers. 

How do I go about getting customer case studies?

The case study (or application story) process can be a long and frustrating one regardless of which sector you operate in. At Technical Publicity we have designed a system which is extremely successful in harnassing the right information and setting clear expectation on approvals from the outset. Our process prevents wasted time and effort and clarifies the many issues that the approval process can create.

What contacts do you have?

Technical Publicity has 30 years of experience which naturally means we have a huge, well-established network of contacts in the media across Europe and other parts of the world. We also employ a number of ex-journalists who maintain current and close contact with their ex-industry peers, which we have found can really make a difference. For us, media relations means just that - we work hard at establishing and maintaining face-to-face contact with journalists. It is a top priority for us and is the underlying key to much of our success in PR. 

How many employees have you got?

The Technical Associates Group has 40 employees.

If I want to organise a global campaign, can you handle it?

Operating on a global level is something we are very well equipped to do and certainly very experienced in. Our specialism is B2B technology and we know this landscape very well, from the client, media and PR angles. Whilst we are proud to have in-house multi-lingual skills covering 12 additional languages, we are also partnered with some of the best B2B agency talent across the world. We have formal agreements with agencies in the US, China and Turkey and project-based partnerships with others. Relationships with other new and inspiring agencies are blossoming all the time. We can run campaigns centrally or localised, depending on what the requirement is and whether cultural nuances need to be considered. 

Do you do translations?

Language and culture are pivotal elements in the work that we carry out within Europe and that inevitably means translation is required. The languages which we cover in-house on a daily basis are: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Polish and Slovakian. We have also covered projects which required Hebrew, Korean and Japanese and Mandarin.

What are you doing on the social media front?

Social media is an intrinsic part of the PR strategies that we develop for our clients. We are experts in the use of social media and the complexities of monitoring and engaging. We provide guidance on the use of social media and its alignment with a digital marketing strategy which is consistent with messaging and brand. 


The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.

Ian Clay, Executive Director
T: +44 (0)1582 390980


The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.


Technologie zum Leben erwecken

Mark Herten, Strategy Director
T: +49 (0)4181 968 0980

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